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Saving Dogs Everywhere One Paw at a Time

Welcome to Doggy Cancer. Are you hoping there is a way to save your dog's life from cancer? People around the world are learning about Cannabis Paste as a new cure  for Dogs. Chemotherapy is as foolish and deadly to dogs as it is for humans. So what natural alternatives are there? Here are couple steps recommended.
  • Cannabis Paste
  • Eliminate Carbs
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Antioxidants (carotenoids, vitamins C and E, selenium
  • Throw out the horrible dog food and cook from scratch for example Chicken breast and vegetables.

Dog Cancer treatment "em-Barking" on Cannabis Paste

Maybe the first memory that runs through your head is your idiot college roommate getting his dog high. Well if you don't relate to that then I am sure you have seen on YouTube something similar. Ironically that's the new cancer and epilepsy treatment for dogs that's spreading across the country says NewCure.org, the creator of Cannabis Paste. The only difference is you don't blow the smoke in the dogs face but instead give the dog some hybrid Cannabis paste. As of now you might get laughed at if you walk into the veterinarian clinic asking for Cannabis paste, but in the near future you will have access to such an amazing treatment at your local veterinarian clinic. Chemotherapy prescribed for humans is also the #1 treatment for dogs. But sadly, chemotherapy's deadly 3% success rate is no different for dogs as it is for humans and insurance will not cover it.

Doggy Cannabis or high Cannabinoid (CBD) Cannabis Paste as a "Dog Treat" has evolved a long way to the point where there are thousands of testimonies spreading on YouTube and the news media is throwing a humorous twist to such stories. We have all heard in the news on how Cannabis has stopped epilepsy in many cases and is the new lyme and cancer treatment for humans but can it really save dogs? DoggyCanncer.com is 100% behind this new cure and is "Saving Dogs Everywhere One Paw at a Time." Note that this is for dogs only and cannot be smoked as it is mixed with vegetable glycerin and turmeric and a couple hideous ingredients nasty to humans but quite a treat for dogs. For more info visit DoggyCancer.com or NewCure.org